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Gary and Jolene Albert

My husband and I knew we had to do something to improve our kitchen. It needed updating badly, as well as remodeling, because we didn’t have room for both of us to be working at one time. We lacked work space and had cupboards that we needed to kneel on the floor in order to access them. Help was necessary!

We went to Kabinet Konnection and were met promptly by Alyson who came to our rescue.

When she visited our house I was sure she would proclaim our area was too small to do any changes. But…

We now have a completely reconfigured, updated kitchen that we love! We have beautiful, accessible cabinets, an ideal workable island, and lovely granite countertops. Alyson not only helped with the design, but also with the selection of wood and color for the cabinets, the choice of granite, the hardware for the cabinets, the sink and faucet, lighting, and flooring. She was so helpful and expedient in lining up the various workers that were necessary in putting this beautiful kitchen together for us. When our questions needed answered, she was so pleasant and accommodating.

We highly recommend Kabinet Konnection to anyone who is needing help with a new kitchen.

Gary and Jolene Albert